A passion for God, people and cities

Doxa Deo is a church that has a heart for people and a passion to see cities impacted with Faith (spiritual renewal), Love (social renewal) and Hope (cultural renewal). 

DoxaDeo.Church is the online campus for the global Doxa Deo family. As an online faith-community everything we do focusses on equipping and raising up people to become agents of positive change in their world.

We have a mission to positively influence every sector of society with the values and the purposes of Jesus Christ. As City Changers we believe that church, education, social services, business, media, arts, sports and civil society will flourish when the life and values of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom are applied in these areas.

We are a Family on Mission!


WATCH ONLINE | 08:30am & 10:00am [GMT]


All services (or as we like to call them Celebrations) are online and can be accessed at www.watch.doxadeo.church, or you can do ‘Church At Home’ catch-up via our YouTube channel.

There is always an inspiring time of worship and a message from the Bible that is relevant to your everyday faith and living! On Sundays you can engage with our live hosts in prayer requests and text conversations. You can join us from the comfort of your living room, or during your lunch-break at the office.
You can be a part of doxadeo.church from anywhere in the world!
Celebration times below are allocated in the GMT timezone. Times might be different in your timezone, so remember to check out the schedule on www.watch.doxadeo.church to make sure you can join us for a celebration in your timezone. We are really excited to welcome you at one of our online celebrations!
It’s church as you know it… just online!


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how do i become a part of doxa deo online?

Why do we talk about Partnership?

It is important to us that people would move from simply attending our church gatherings to actually engaging relationships, activities and the mission of our Church.

The Bible uses many different metaphors for the Church like a bride, an army, a building and a body. We love the metaphor from 1 Corinthians 3:9 that says that we are co-labourers with God.

It was out of this scripture that the concept of partnership was established. We are not just members of a church, we are partners with God for His mission on earth.

Partnership implies that we use our time, talents and treasures to build God’s Kingdom everywhere we function and live.

Time: We manage our time well as we prioritise Church Life.

Talents: We use our unique talents and gifts to build the body of Christ.

Treasures: We invest our money and resources to build the Church of Jesus Christ.

How do I become a Partner?​

Please contact us in order to join our New Partners process. Be sure to engage with our discipleship programs after that. Our prayer is that you will find your place and fulfil your calling in the body of Christ.

For more information or to start your journey as a new Partner of Doxa Deo, please contact Lofty Nel

Our Team

Church is much more than just a service on Sundays. For us it’s about connecting with others, growing in your faith and building a strong foundation for your family. The mission of every employee of Doxa Deo Online Campus is to equip partners to Know God, Love People, and Impact Their World.

Ioannis & Cheray Dekas

Campus Pastors


Alpha Course

Matt France

Small Groups

Lofty & Petra Nel

Pastoral Care

Chiara Gerber

Operations Manager

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