You can be a part of a City Changer Life Group
from anywhere in the world!

Be Part Of A City Changer Life Group That Meets Online or In-Person

What if community wasn’t bound by the size of your living room, affected by busy schedules or influenced by your geographical location? At Doxa Deo, it doesn’t have to be. You can join a City Changer Life Group that is entirely online! Meet up with your group during the week to do life and connect into the Doxa Deo family.

City Changer Life Groups [CCLG’s] are a place of authentic relationships, where we together explore how to effectively Know God, Love People and Impact Your World.

We currently have Life Groups in different timezones. You can see the different groups and choose one that suits your timezone. If you can’t find a group, or if you have a group of friends that would like to connect with Doxadeo.Church and start your own life group, you can also find the details by clicking on the button.

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